Salt print on Daisy paper

Salt print on Daisy-paper. A photograph (salt print) of Daisy when she was still alive on paper that was made of fibers of Daisy.

Anne Geene

Anne Geene (Breda, 1983) started studying photography at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague in 2001 and graduated at Sint Joost Academy in Breda in 2010. She concluded her photography studies with a Masters degree in photography at the university of Leiden in 2012. Her work is often based on different possible ways of representing reality with photography. By shifting contexts and meaning she questions the way photographs relate to objectivity. She’s inspired by visual cultures of other disciplines, in particular science. Her graduation project ‘Parcel nr. 235 / Encyclopedia of an allotment garden’ was chosen as best photo book of the year 2010 by Dutch national newspaper NRC Handelsblad and the project was purchased by the Dutch National Photography museum in Rotterdam in 2012. In september 2012 her new book ‘New Facts’ was launched.