T - Y - Z - 6

I heard from the trees a great parade

This work is based on a trend seen in the last century for hanging romantic images painted on boards made from slices of tree trunk above the door. Herman van Bostelen searched through his photo collection for pictures of lonely trees to print onto the boards he was given for this project.

Herman van Bostelen

After graduating from HKU University of the Arts Utrecht in 1996, Herman van Bostelen started working as a freelance graphic designer. His work features a quest for experiment and dialogue. Herman van Bostelen worked as a lecturer at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht from 2001 until 2012. Together with Lesley Moore and the Design Police, he forms part of Gorilla, an occasional cooperative operating since 2006, which produces visual columns on news and current affairs. www.hermanvanbostelen.nl