C - UUU - 3

Her Landscape

‘For this project, I focused on the wood textures of the tree, Daisy. I used a macro lens to photograph the textures up close. When I looked at them, they all resembled unique landscapes.  The diversity of textures was particularly exciting.  I started to paint and combine the landscapes. I show the life cycle of the tree at 3 different stages, and what this tree brought to mind.  I start off using bright colours, but the textures become darker and more complex and the landscapes change as the tree deteriorates.  I hope that these complex textures help to raise awareness of Daisy the tree.’ 

Carolien Westermann

Carolien Westermann (1988, Leiden)works and lives in Rotterdam.After spending 4 years studying at the Grafisch Lyceum, she decided to switch to the art academy in Utrecht. She specialised in Illustration, and graduated last summer. She soon realised that illustrating stories is her passion. Much of her autonomous work also revolves around underlying stories.  www.carolienwestermann.nl