M: "How that tree thinks and what it feels?" H: "How lying in bed, I was able to slip away into that huge roof of green foliage outside my window.Ē M: "And that this work is prolonging the treeís life after its death, and so on?" H: "Actually, itís more egocentric than that. I want to keep the memory for myself." H: "You look up, through the leaves / the chestnut was so green / All those shades of colour, you remember the smell / you think you hear the birds singing / the sense of the great outdoors / a light breeze, glistening light / enjoying the view." M: "Wow!"

Studio Het Mes

Studio Het Mes (Helma Bovens, 1981, and Matthijs Sluiter, 1974), studio for visual communication in The Hague. Our work is varied: online and offline, printing, lettering, animations, drawings and wooden constructions. It always starts with a message; a message that needs putting across, but in a way thatís not available to the person concerned. We have a serious but enthusiastic approach, which helps us to find tailor-made solutions to these situations. This may be a strategy or perhaps a good old-fashioned design: anything is possible, as long as the end result conveys the message in a clear and unpredictable way.