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Lisette has designed a series of two bags for Pushing Up Daisy, each totally unique. However, the designs all follow a clear pattern; each has its own meaning, and wood from Daisy has been incorporated into every article. Her series pays sincere homage to Daisy. Daisy has been given a worthy role; bags are important to people as they are invariably used to carry valuable personal items. Each bag has a unique label relating Daisy’s story.  There are two types of bag. The Tote Bagsy is a simple square bag, a familiar, easy-to-carry design. The duffel Bagsy is a cylindrical bag with a single strap. The wood from Daisy has been incorporated into the bottom of both types.

Lisette Appeldorn

Lisette Appeldorn (25) is a highly productive conceptual designer who lives in Amsterdam. She is continually on the lookout for new methods and materials to use in her graphic, product, fashion art and photography work. Whichever discipline she chooses, she consistently produces visuals featuring powerful colours, provocative designs and minimalism. appeldorn.tumblr.com