Masked in the leaves

A poignant start to the day. Daisy stands proudly in the place where her life began. A life marked by adversity and disfigurement at the hands of mankind. The cycle of things is now bringing her life to an end. She has been weakened and senses her imminent downfall. One last time, as if lifted by the wind, she reaches on high before sinking to the ground. Everything in the world is cyclic, including Daisy’s time on our planet. But Daisy’s life cycle has not been completed. Despite bearing fruits every autumn, she never saw one germinate into a full-blown tree. If Daisy’s blueprint is to be passed on to the next generation, a new tree will have to grow in her lap, cradled in a pot. ?Once the tree is mature enough to continue on its own, both tree and pot will be planted in the soil and Daisy will resume her life in a new guise. The ode to Daisy is masked in the leaves of a new tree.?

Jonathan Straatman