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Nature of Rules

FIXED PRICE PER HARDDISK: 39,99 MAILTO: BORIS@PUSHINGUPDAISY.NL Nature of rules is a digital collection of high resolution video filters and graphic textures. All derived from ultra-high quality photo’s and their digital manipulation. Video designers everywhere can add a natural-grain to their video’s using the filters in the collection. At the same time they are free to create their own custom built filters and graphics using the raw-photo images added to the pack. Daisy can now live on in innumerable ways through creative digital manipulation. As an example to how this can be done, I made a music video based solely on the textures of Daisy.

Jerom Fischer

Jerom Fischer makes videos both professionally and artistically. Though his 16:9 view of the world, Jerom searches for visual progression on his own terms. He recognises and explores the ambiguous relationship between sound and the image. Manipulation of the ‘real’ and music are key aspects in his work. Montage is a craftmanship in his eyes and this key-aspect focusses his video’s on rhythm and tone.