The Undo Button

we designers love our computers, the 'undo' button is an important function on which we have become  dependent... when working with wood however there  is no second chance, you have to go with the flow  and embrace the possibilty that it could go wrong  or turn out differently than expected, carving in wood was a new and enjoyable experience for me... maybe, one day, someone will invent an 'undo'  button for carved type, so untill that day arrives  i'm saving all of the wood chips in the hope that i  can correct that stupid spelling mistake after all... there's not always an undo button

Martin Pyper

Martin Pyper is a British designer who has lived in The Netherlands since 1989. He operates both inside the Dutch design scene as a local, yet he has retained the observing eye and fresh perspective of the foreign outsider. Me studio's work always comprises a mix of three things: image, identity and inspiration. Last but not least, Pyper is an ever-seeing eye, scouting design inspiration from surprising sources, which he publishes tirelessly on his blog. His work has been added to the permanent collection of the Stedelijk Museum for modern art in Amsterdam. Pyper is a guest teacher at various design schools, among which the Design Academy Eindhoven.