what have I seen? flashes I didn’t understand quite the opposite of festive a plasterer on a ladder grinning from ear to ear windows brimming with stories endless views what have I heard? chirping birds in my arms cheep-cheep-cheep on their way to a warm nest way above my head little boys in a tree house the rustling of my leaves silence what have I felt? wind in sighs breezes storms PRIDE heavy with my own fruit wet from the rain longing to sprawl in the sun cramped & confined pain what have I wanted? to stand still on de Dam with my toes in the sand of a beach panicles all year round a pine tree...!!

Amanda Bosman

Amanda Bosman (1961) until the present day Bar keeper. Fish and flower sales. Market trader in fruit & vegetables. Handicraft teacher. Teacher of adult literacy. Three years at a graphic design company. Mother of a fantastic son! Launched Atwee design in 1987. Grew from 1 to 2 to 6 people. Twenty years of Atwee. Hallo Wolk! children’s book in 2007. Plek onder de zon, photo book about the holiday home from hell, early 2009. Launched Fraaier in 2009. Photo exhibitions. Member of Waterlijn committee until 2012, boat trips around Amersfoort. 2010 AadPiraat en de schat van de Zangmeermin, a book about myself as a pirate. Boek vol Ballen, December 2011. Opened shop hierwordjeblijvan! Design and production of various postcards and posters. Handicraft teacher at primary school in Hoogland. KinderAtelier workshops and activities for children in Amersfoort.