A ‘chapel tree’ is a form of heritage, similar to a peace or freedom tree, a justice tree, a birth tree or a memorial tree. Trees were planted next to chapels or crucifixes in gratitude for being healed, for a favour or as a memorial to a special event. My tree books revere and commemorate Daisy (Madelief). The books have been designed in a way that damage neither Daisy’s wood nor the wood of the tree carrying them. The tree books will relate to selected trees, which will themselves become chapel trees, inheriting extra connotation, import and sanctity. Each and every tree book gives shape and purpose to an individual memory. The highest bidder will recieve a personalized tree-book from Anita van de Ven.

Anita van de Ven

Anita van de Ven has worked as a graphic (and typographic) designer since graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 1991. She has also lectured at HKU (art academy in Utrecht) since 2002. ‘I am still searching for new ways to convey concepts, ideas and thoughts. Images that are deduced from the questions being posed or the wish being defined. I strive for simplicity and an explicit visual language. Typography is the perfect vehicle for this in imagery.’ www.boomboek.com