Although an end may have different meanings, death, too, can have unforeseen outcomes, and as with all stranger beginnings, the story of Daisy starts at the end of a lifetime. This is a story about the circle of life, about second chances and about artistic community. A story shaped by two scruffy individuals and their ability to oversee time and space in an ever-accelerating society. Adam Osman and Boris Acket, although young as they may seem at 25, took up the role of caring father figures in their attempt to revive their beloved Daisy.

Daisy, a much respected chestnut tree throughout her life, died at the hands of her caretakers at the age of seventy. Overcome by grief and despair, Acket and Osman quickly thought up different ways to make some money out of Daisy's organs: The pieces of wood cut out of the late Daisy were at least valuable in some form, or so was their line of thought. But both entrepreneurs soon came to realise that grief is incurable by greed, and things took a less selfish turn. Daisy's spirit was to live on.

In order to reverse, or restore, Daisy's pushing up daisies, Acket and Osman divided Daisy's wood amongst forty artists. These artists took up the highly metaphorical role of mother, creating forty separate works of art, limbs if you will, to give Daisy a second chance: The works of art provide the necessary funds to plant a new chestnut tree. A new life that will have her own time and her own stories, but always in remembrance of her ancestor.

Skid Notermans

Interaction designer, Bachelor Communication and Multimedia Design.With the Pushing up Daisy auction system / website I tried to capture the experience and feeling the visitor has when strolling around the exposition at Het Nutshuis.